funiral service

Lots of live flowers. Her best picture is on the center of the altar. When the service was over, the family and closed friends started going down the memory lane, and there was some good ones, and bad ones, and as for me….I have thirty three years of “never you mind” so I kept my mouth shut. It’s the living, and not the dead that count for much these days. But, there was one story that was told by fred. It was about dad’s ashes in the urn. Right after dad died in 1991, mom had sold, and moved in with her favorite daughter and son in law which is fred and rhonda. Now, fred and rhonda have had moved a few times since. And apparently, in one of those moves, they had dropped the urn that carries bill’s ashes. The urn is made of metal so it did’nt break, but, dad’s ashes went to the ground before it’s time. “it just slipped, and nothing can be done about it, but we had to think of something, we can’t let eileen find out about it” fred was trying to explain to everyone….....

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