funiral service part three

So, fred all flushed up by now….went on to finished what he had started, because everyone around him by now really want to know the answer to their questions “so, what the hell was ma carrying all these years then?” So, fred said ” well, that night we had to smoked two cartoons of cigarettes just to make ashes and put it in the urn, and to this day,,,,ma never knew” I had to excuse myself. Tears started to roll down my eyes, went to the truck, locked the door, and I let out the loudest laughter I thought no one is capable of laughing that way ever. I thought it was funny. I came back, calmed and thinking to myself….I don’t ever want a fucking Funeral Service in any size, shape, or form. And anyone ever try to do it without my consent….I will haunt their freaking asses every day and night. That’s just me. I heard enough, and have seen too much Funeral Services to last me from here, to the hereafter. Hah! Fuck funeral Services!

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