Revenge of the Librarians.

The librarian looked up from the video monitor embedded in the decrepit book. The cloth bound, metal covers offered decent sound quality via bone induction and no mundane would be caught dead reading Adventures of the Great Accountants, Part 3, Volume 2.

Something had to be done about those damn cats. Another child lost to their burgeoning empire. Somehow the cats evaded the typical localizing techniques, usually acceptably efficacious. Sniffing in distaste, the severe bun on top of the librarians head bobbed as she replaced the book on the high, crowded, shelf. Walking with measured strides to the front desk, she glanced around and loaded a popular game. While being caught playing the game would cause some embarrassment, it provided an excellent cover.

To a specific chat channel, she typed “LFG Library Run. Secret Agents wanted.” With any luck, her contact was online.

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