The Emo/Punk Table

So a couple more weeks went by as the first semester reached its end.

I now sat at Linz’s table.

I liked it a lot better.

There was a lot more room, no weird awkward silences, and a lot more interesting conversations.

If I would have looked at my seat a couple months back, me sitting next to Taylor, I would have thought that I had gone crazy. But the whole thing with him had seemed to pass, and he wasn’t exactly as weird anymore.

Plus he bought us food.

“Check out those shirts!” Said Taylor.

I looked back at the table where, Aly, Amelia, Kristen, Carly, Nina, and Becky were sitting at.
Their table was the kind of emo/punk table.
And there had been a rumor going around that Amelia and Aly were dating.

Well I guess it was true…

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