Policeman: Yes, I do believe them. I can see everything. Ben come on, it’s over.
Ben: No, no. I’m not getting arrested again. Nope. No way.
He turned and ran as fast as he could out the door. Heather and Blake watched in horror. The policeman followed him, but Ben was quick and he easily got away. The policeman returned to the nurse’s office defeated. Five minutes later, Heather got a text message. It said it was from Ben. She really didn’t want to open it, but she would have to eventually. She took a breath and opened up the message. Only two words appeared on the screen. Two words that sent violent chills down her back and she forced herself to read them.Th message read,
You’ll pay.
She couldn’t bring herself to tell them, so much was already out in the open. Instead, she saved the threating message away in her phone and put it away. Heather took a deep breath that hurt her chest, so Blake crossed the room to hug her. And finally like she wanted to all along, she broke down into loud sobs.

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