The Third Fluffy Hat War (prequal)

The land of Tebelong was peaceful. The Fluffy’s on one side, and the Hat’s on the other. The Hat’s lived in the Eastern side to Tebelong, where it was mostly woods. The Fluffy’s were on the Western side, where sloped mountain ranges reigned supreme. In the border was a sort of no-mans-land, where the Fluffy Hat’s lived. The Fluffy Hat’s were troublesome, blood-thirsty people. They had started two wars, both of which had been called the Fluffy Hat wars. In the first Fluffy Hat war, the Fluffy Hat’s rebelled against the Hat’s. In the second, they attacked the Fluffy’s.
Jesse, being a good Hat girl, knew this, and knew the dangers of Fluffy Hat territory, as she stumbled through their woods, into a clearing. What she found there was shocking.
A Hat General, a Fluffy General, and a Fluffy Hat General all stood, talking. Suddenly, the Hat and Fluffy General turned on each other, the Fluffy Hat General siding with the Fluffy General. The Hat General raised a gun, and fired it once into the air.

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