Dance, Pretty Child


Sway, pretty child.

Close your eyes, the voices are speaking.

Raise your arms to the sky, the time is come.

The wind blows, it carries you.

You sway in delicate unison to the trees that surround you.

And you are a tree.

And the tree is you.

And the universe is one.


Dance pretty child.

Stamp your tiny feet into the soft earth’s shell.

Raise your head to meet the sky.

Beat the air with open palms.

It takes you in with open, shining arms.

And you accept.


Dance pretty child.

Grab the sparkling jeweled stars.

And laugh with menacing exploration.

Beneath the stoic moon’s face.


Awaken pretty child.

The world awaits your salutation.

Speak now, assemble the trees of wisdom.

The sky gathers in a broken crowd.

Wind beats a steady song.

The earth meets the morning and opens its eyes.

Shake the sparkling sea from your open arms.

And dance.

Dance, pretty child.

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