Childhood Public Service Announcement

The tune had just popped into his head. He had not heard it since childhood.

Wash your hands after going to the bathroom

He watched, out of the corner of his eye, as the man finished using the urinal and then left the restroom. Without washing his hands. He could not believe that there were people who did this. What made it worst was that he worked with that man.

How many times had he seen that man shake hands with their clients? How many times did he eat M&Ms from the candy bowl that was on Jane’s desk?

It just made him cringe. Knowing that from now on, every time he would see the man walk by, he would wonder had he wash his hands after using the bathroom?

He just shook his head and finished washing his hands. The rest of the tune continued in his head, until it ended:

Cause we don’t want to spread Hepatitis, and we don’t want hepatitis to get you. Who? You!

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