Picture is Worth A Thousand Characters Challenge: A Doll's Influence

[True Story]

All of us couldn’t sleep…We couldn’t get the doll out of our heads. We all shivered in our places in the room. Whether be it in a sleeping bag, on the bed, or on the sofa, we were all scared out of our pjs. One girl had told us a horrible story about a doll…A doll that comes to life at night and mutilates its owners according to its appearance. The doll had only a chunk of hair, one arm and one eye. Each time it took a victim, one of its fingers would go up. The number was currently two.
And lo behold, in the hostess’ bedroom is a doll of the exact same appearance. It was sitting atop a shelf and we all could see its glass eyes in the dark. Everyone was scared of telling others that they were awake.
Noises creeped at us through the dark. Every little creak and groan would remind us of the story. Something upset the shelf, and the doll came rocketing down. It landed on one of the girls. The room was engulfed in screams. Finally, someone removed the doll.

I never had liked dolls.

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