A Can of Panda Milk

“I’ll give you twenty bucks to try it” Brad said, in between fits of laughter.

We had seen it on the shelf we both had taken a double glance at it. Of the course the jokes about it being milk from an actual panda kept popping up. Which led to, “How does one milk a panda?”

The date on the can had faded away, so it was hard to tell if it had expired or not. Neither of us knew what the Chinese words said.

For some reason Brad decided to buy it anyways. In it went, into the cart next to Ramon and other items you expect college kids to have.

Now, back at our apartment Brad brought it out. He placed it into the center of the table and was trying to get me to drink it. The challenge was placed, and now it was up to me to decide.

“Okay, I’ll do it.” I replied.

For quick twenty bucks, what the heck. Then Brad poured the panda milk in. I swear, it looked chunky coming out. When he had finished pouring the glass, I took it, closed my eyes, and took a gulp. Then he added, “By the way, you have to drink all of it.”

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