A Lament of First Period Geometry (1)

A Lament of First Period Geometry

Why me?
Why stick me in this dingy prison,
With flies on the walls
(and in the desks)
why not throw me in a volcano,
or drown me in Lysol,
or something other than
putting me in first period Geometry
With Mr. Charlston?

Why put me next to Kylie Anderson,
Who never washes her hair,
(Or armpits- don’t raise your hand, Kylie, please!)
and Sissy Von Sissy Pants, who giggled when
Mr. Charlston asked
For the area of
Triangle P
And Sunjaya Davis
Who isn’t even Indian
What’s up with that?

Who came up with First Period?
I’d like to push them down the stairs
The steep ones,
By Mrs. Aster’s room

Who thought of Geometry?
I’d like to spear them through the heart
With my green
With the sparkles

Who decided on Mr. Charleston?
Frankly, I’d like to push them
In front of a
Fairly large bus

A Poem By Emma Greaves

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