The Jungle (2)

The Jungle

The computer room
Is not
A creative place
The inspiration
Is not there
Only beeping, blinking computer equipment
With cords snaking like vines through the sweaty jungle
And my classmates fit in very well
As the animals

Shanon is a sloth
Her limbs move slowy, as though she is swimming in jello
Languidly, she types out a few short words on her screen
Then slumps back
Exausted by her effort

And Marcus
A monkey if there ever was one
Screeching and jumping around because Andy
His fellow monkey
Has stolen his notebook
It’s ok, though
I know that soon, all will be forgiven
And they’ll be back
To picking nits out of each other’s hair

Mrs. Sullivan
The lion
Lion’s don’t live in jungles
Mrs. Sullivan doesn’t know s**t about computers
Lions are large, and hairy, and roar a lot
So does Sullivan

So this room
Is not
My favorite
(as illustrated above)

A Poem By Emma Greaves

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