Fight Swiftly and Boldly

I ignored the sound of Johnston’s voice coming through my helmet radio.
“Hold on, Ash!” I started running toward her and took aim at the Arvian, but my gun flew out of my hands when an arvian shot it out of my hands with some poisonous mucusy substance. I stumbled over, and watched Ahley cower beneath the arvian no more than 20 feet away from me.
There was a tremendous thundering BOOM behind me. A tank had obliterated the arvian towering over Ashley, then did the same to the one over me. Fritz popped his head out of the tank, and I shook my head while chuckling to get rid of the shock.
Ashley and I got behind the tank as it pushed forward to the high ground. It pounded the enemy with it’s powerful cannon as it crawled up the hill.
“HURRY!” I heard Johnston yell, but it was too late. When we reached the top, we watched the colonel being impaled by the blade-like arm of the Arvian Commander. It gave a blood-curdling roar and pushed Johnston to the gorund.

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