Let's Make Peace

I looked at them and read them out loud.

“It’s okay to be gay!!” I said.

“Let’s make peace.”

“That’s gay!”

What made it worst was that nobody cared if they were gay, they just wanted attention, nobody was against them, they just wanted to be noticed.

I looked at the front. There was a peace sign, and in each section there was a word.




Of course they couldn’t even spell straight, it was more like strait.

“Taylor go ask them what’s gay!!” Linz said.

“No!” Said Taylor.

“Nora will give you a kiss if you do!” Said Linz.

I shot her a look.

“Okay well just go anyways.” Linz said.

“Fine.” He said.

Taylor went over and I followed.

“What’s gay? That doesn’t even make sense, what does that even mean?”

“What is the meaning of life?” Said Carly.

“Okay whatever, let’s leave.” I said.

“So what happened?” Asked Kayla.

“Nothing, nothing at all.” Taylor replied.

“Those shirts are gay, no pun intended.” I said.

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