Against All Odds

Here I am again. October 2003. Scanning the sky. Hoping. Praying. Gambling. Wondering if the odds are with us, or against us. This is the best shot of an asteroid collision with the Earth – 2003 SQ222 travelling through the vacuum of space, tumbling in a near-Earth course. I was never the best at picking a winner. I backed Anderson, Dukakis, Gore (well I got close with him). But this was a sure thing! So I took my limited savings and booked a flight to Vegas. No remote action for me – I wanted to see the odds change by the minute. Big event, big results. But the funny thing was, no one was really paying attention to this potential celestial apocolypse. They were more interested in the man-made disaster in the Middle East. The war to “defend daddy’s reputation” was in its 7th month, and was not looking up. Who in their right mind would follow this guy into war? Oh right, the 48% of the country who thought he was the “right man” for the job. Glad to know we have another shot at that – unless we encounter SQ222

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