Andrea and Kenny...Over?

“No, you’re results are negative, but i’ll probably still need to speak to your parents” The doctor said
“My parents passed away, but thank you.You don’t know how much i needed to hear that!”Andrea says
“Ok can i speak to your guardian?”
“That’s my stupid brother, he’s in college and he doesn’t care at all what’s going on in my life”
Andrea says as she walks out of the office grabbing krissy by the arm.
“Let’s go, thank you doc!”
“Ummm ok…i guess you’re welcome” The doctor says.

The girls get into the car and blast the radio
“Wait Wait could you turn it down, i’m gonna call Kenny”
“Oh ok”Krissy says
Andrea picks up her cell phone and presses 5 on her speed dial, which is kenny.
He doesn’t pick up.
“He’s not picking up!” Andrea says
” *82 that idiot”
Andrea dials *82 then the number.
He picks up “Hello?” He says
“You’re an idiot and i’m thanking God that I’m not holding a peice of you. I’m not pregnant, and oh yeah, did i mention we were over? Cos we ARE !”
Andrea says then hangs up.

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