New Color

The hum of the cars tires on the vacant county road had a soothing effect as he stared straight ahead and reviewed the days events.

He had to ask her soon, she was simply too wonderful not to be noticed by others. He shouldn’t be too nervous, she liked him. At least he thought she did?

The advertising pitch went over well. There’s a few changes the client requested, but overall it was a success.

I need to swing by the grocer and get more milk.

A beam of light suddenly flooded the cars cab startling him. He grabbed the wheel tightly, hit the brakes and yelled.

“What the hell!”

The tires screeched and the car slid sideways off the road, onto the gravel and came to an abrupt stop.

The light enveloped him. It was bright but not blinding. He could feel a warm energy moving through his body. He was speechless, shaking, unable to even blink.

The light began to pulse and change color, but it was unlike any color he’d ever seen. He could hardly comprehend it let alone describe it. He could only experience it.

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