The sun peeked over the horizon and a cool breeze caused the leaves to dance.

Chet had slept through his alarm. Flying tired meant a late arrival but he made a promise and would keep it.

“What took so long?” Al asked.

“Newborns kept me up all night.”

“Enjoy it while it lasts. They’ll be out of the nest before you know it.”

Chet yawned and nodded. He looked around then hesitantly asked.

“You and Robin still moving south together?”

“Yes.” Al said reluctantly.

Chet turned and looked down the road and a smile kidnapped his face.

“Check it out.” He said pointing.

Al looked and smiled too. “A convertible!”

The driver in the car continued down the road when out of no where, a warm, white, lumpy mass exploded in his face and covered his shoulders.

The car spun out, veered off the road and bounced to a stop as a massive dust cloud engulfed it.

Chet laughed so hard he nearly lost purchase of the wire as his wings flapped to gain control.

“Perfect!” Chet said.

“Craptacular!” Al said as they both howled.

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