Summer Boredom[a Poem]

My onomatopoeia poem for school hope you like
Summer Boredom

Click! Pssshh! Nothing is on,
But what do I expect, its dawn.

Sigh, yawn. Nothing to do
I wonder if they’re back from the zoo.

Thump, splat. Why do I bother?
No use cleaning my room only to be criticized by my father.

Bang! Crash! I lose.
I might blow a fuse.

Pitter patter, ssshhh. The window is wet.
I hate the sprinklers, to turn them off I always forget.

Flip, flip. I’m on page twenty-four
Man I hate books on war.

Rustle, pat. So much for summer bliss
And to think I still have three months of this.

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