What about Lucas?

“You go Girl!” Krissy says
“Oh look he’s calling back”
“Don’t pick up the phone, let him eat his heart out!”
Andrea puts the phone down and turns up the radio.
20 minutes later, they arrive at Krissy’s house.
Andrea takes her phone out of her pocket, “23 missed calls? Are you kidding me?”
Krissy giggles and they get out of the car.
They both walk into the house and go into krissy’s room.
“Now i can finally give lucas a call!”
“OMG I didn’t tell you?”
“Tell me what?”
“Lucas found out from Sean about the whole pregnancy thing and hooked up with his ex” Krissy said
“What?! I’m still gonna call him”
Andrea picks up the phone and calls Lucas
It goes straight to voicemail
“Hey lucas this is Andrea and i just wanted to say that everything you heard about me isn’t true and Kenny and I officially broke up. I really like you and it would be great if we went out again. But i heard that you got back with your ex so i just wanted to wish you good luck and have a nice life!”

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