“Staring at Mark again?” I glare at Emmett and cling my books closer to my chest. “You’re just jealous,” I pout, not letting him get to me. I refuse to let him ruin my good hair day… well… not good for me, but Marks hair is hotter than it usually is so that means it’s a good hair day. emmett just sighs and turn away to talk to Lauren about some math assignment due today. They finally snap me out of it when Lauren’s shrill voice cuts through my thoughts. “NO! For the love of god, I will not let you copy!” Emmett looks like a five-year-old being rejected candy when his face suddenly lights up and he turns to me smiling a smile almost worthy of Mark. He knows that i will give the paper to him if he pesters me ehoughg and so do I, so I just hand it over to him and scold him for not doing his homework.

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