Emmetts brow furrows as he fervently starts to complete the assignment within the last five minutes of lunch. I just roll my eyes at him and turn to Lauren’s steady, Josh to ask him if what he is going to do for his anti-drug project. “Football,” he replies lazily, and my eyes once again snap back to Mark, gorgeous Mark, who is captain of the Football team , Mark, who is the only person who is hotter than Zac Efron, Chris Brown, and Ryan Sheckler.
“Angela? Sorry to disrupt you from your daydreams, but i think Emmett just got jelly on your graded assignment.” Lauren Gives me a sympathetic look and I turn to Emmett. There’s a short pause in which Emmett stops copying and look up at me. He gives me a timid smail and I return a vicious glare. ” I can’t belive I let you do this! This is GRADED ! Ugh! You- you POOPHEAD ! I’ll never let you borrow anything ever gain!” I explode and for a moment, there is silence at our table. Then Emmett burts out laughing. “I can’t belive you just said poophead, ” he chuckles.

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