I can’t help it. I have to laugh with him. He just looks so happy. After about ten seconds I sober up drastically fast. “I meant it though, the part about not letting you borrow anything.”
“Mmhmm,” Emmett replies, knowing that I will soften up my tommorrow. I just can’t help it. I love Emmett. No, no not like I love Mark, but like a sibling love. I love Emmett because he’s just so happy and loosey-goosey. Another thing is that Emmett knows me better than I know myself and its so hard not to be happy and content when I’m with him.
That’s one of the reasons I love lunch so much. I’m always extremely happy around Emmet, and I’m always extremely happy around Mark. So ge tme in a room with both of them and it’s like BOOM rediculous endorphinage!
The Cafeteria is starting to thin out, seeing as we have three minutes to get to out next class. Besides, Mark already left for his next class, so I see no reason why we should lounge in the cafeteria any longer.

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