During Euro, I begin to go over the reasons I hate Jessia, Mark’s present girlfriend. I give up when I cant think of anything else besides the fact that she is going out with the love of my life. The same thing happened with Christiana last week, and the week before with Megan. I frown inwardly to myself. At the rate of 4 girlfriends per month, he will have no one to date by two weeks into June. I did the calculations yesterday, and I even included Annie, the ugliest girl in school. However, I also reminded myself that if he did continue at this pace, he would have to go out with me by then. I decided that since there was nothing else to do, I would calculate how long it would take him to go throught entire school, if he turned out to be gay. But then I realized that there were only three gay guys at our school so it was easy for me to see that it would take him until July sixth, although I’m sure a lot of guys would come out of the closet if Mark did.

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