After school, I head to my locker with Emmett, because I always walk home with him. Emmett and I turn a corner, but this is no longer a regular intersection of halls becasue this is when I accidently walk into Mark. My papers go flying in a million different directions. Mark pauses for a second before chuckling his sugary sweet laugh and helping me collect my papers. He hands me my papers, still chuckling and then the most momentous thing happens, a miracle happens. Mark talks to me. “Hey, your’e name is Angela, right?” His voice is like an angels and for a second all I can do is stare at his flawless features. After what seems like a millenium I finally swallow and nod. “Cool,” he says, then is towed away my a whiney, clingy Jessica. I turn to give Emmett a goofy smile, and barely notice that he’s pouting at me. “The most amazing thing just happened to me…” I sigh and then repeat myself because I dont know what else to say. “The most amazing thing just happened to me.”

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