Snacking at the Horror Show (a poem from school)

Ok this is my onomatopoeia from school.

Snacking at the Horror Show

Drip Drop. The sink valve was leaking.
Creak. And the bottom step creaking.

I stopped in the middle of the room,
Drinking in all of its gloom.

It was silent when all of a sudden I hear
BAM from above, the sound was remarkably clear.

Thud as I move all the chairs.
Thump thump as I run up the stairs.

I come to a stop.
Phew, I have reached the top.

Screech. Great, another strange sound
Squish, I begin to look around.

Slurp, my friend is drinking a coke,
Crunch, and eating popcorn, he better not choke.

Shush, I ask for their noise to cut back
Howl, in the movie the werewolf is about to attack!

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