Stage 14

I find myself spiraling ever closer to madness.

The walls… they taunt me. She taunts me.

I haven’t eaten in… a very long time. There were some beans or something, but I don’t have a can opener and am by now too weak to smash anything open.

I got over the motion sickness pretty quickly, but the dizziness still persists for hours.

Those who came before left me signs, messages… They were crazy. Maybe it was only one person. Doubly crazy, then.

I don’t know how long I’ve been down here.


Down? Up? They have no meaning anymore. I’m freed of them. It doesn’t help.

She tells me I’m getting near the end… but she’s a liar.

I had a companion, once… but I murdered him. Or is that the crazy talking? If I can’t tell, does that make me insane?

These damn things chafe my calves. I can’t tell if they’re locked on or surgically bolted to the bone…

”... test requires exposure to uninsulated electrical parts that may be dangerous under certain conditions.”


By now I should be used to this.

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