She watched him lazily as they lay entwined on the bed. Her fingers traced along his jawline, back and forth before brushing them gently across his lips. The feathery touch elicited a ghost of a smile as his eyes closed.

She leaned forward and pressed a light kiss against those lips. “I love you like pancakes, Eric.” He chuckled softly.

“I love you like syrup. Now go to sleep you silly girl.”

Snuggling into his warmth with a contented sigh, she pulled the sheet over her cool skin and shut her eyes.

As they slept, a faint red light began to flash just behind her left ear. The pulse grew stronger until her eyes flew open. She sat up turned to stare at Eric who was still slumbering away. She had no memory of the whispered endearments only a few hours before. With a calculated, swift movement, she placed her hands on either side of his head and snapped his neck.

She rose gracefully from the bed and dressed quickly. She opened a hidden compartment in the wall and prepared to carry out the mission.

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