What is love?

Is “Love” a feeling?
I always thought that love is that feeling you get when you suddenly encounter stomach butterflies.
Is this true?

Love is when you close your eyes in the presence or absence of a person but you can still feel him/her close to your heart.

Love is saying everything you have to say to someone without actually saying anything.

Love is watching out for someone because you know they need you.

Love is seeing every memory that you’ve formed play in front of you like a movie in your head, and smiling at every moment.

Love is no regrets.

Love is a relationship you’ve formed. A bond- like feeling.

Love is never letting go even when you have nothing left to say.

Love is appreciating a person and never wanting to dissapoint this person.

Love is remembering every moment, the bad and the good; the tears and the smiles, but never regretting any second of it all.

Love is….Love

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