The date with Lucas

“Aww he didn’t pick up?”Krissy asked sympathizing
“Nope but i could totally understand” Andrea said.
There is a slight pause which is broken by the sound of Andrea’s cell phone ringing.
“I dunno who this is,it’s private!”
She picks up the phone
on the other side of the phone
“I believe you because i uhhh like you….a lot!And i think it would be great if we went out again.I need to talk to you and oh yeah one last thing i didn’t get back with my ex. Sean’s been spreading rumors and stuff because little brothers are idiots.” Lucas says

Andrea smiles
“Ok so where do we go from here?”
“The pizza place,now!”
“Sounds like a plan!” Andrea says hanging up.

She starts to sing and twirl and falls on the bed in happiness.
“We are gonna meet at the pizza place...I’m sooo excited!”
“Aww Andrea, babe i’m so happy for you”
“Thanks i’m gonna go get dressed!”
The girls go into Krissy’s walk-in closet and chatter about potential outfits for the date.
Christian comes in…

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