Where she was going, she didn’t know. But there was something deep inside Mary Jane that was possesing her, making her lust for a challenging sort of freedom, something clearly unknown.

The sun outside was Mary Jane’s favourite midmorning glow, that made the day feel new and exciting, and most pleasant to greet with enthusiasm. She rolled down the window on the freeway, letting it brush over her skin, and feeling the cool and stinging air whip across her face. She breathed it in, and put on her sunglasses. She was ready.

Under the cooler, her maps were sticking out, and she pulled out a map of California and set it on the dashboard in case she might need it for reference. She wasn’t sure where she was going, but she knew that it would come to her. There were so many things she needed to explore, so many dreams left unfulfilled that she must conquer that she would take the first turn that suited her.

As she drove she thought of the house, and how she had left him sleeping there without a goodbye.

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