Trash ejected, Soul Acquired 2

I began at a sprint toward my apartment; my moves akward and abrupt. I couldnt see straight and everything was a bit blurred; I think I might have been on the edge of delirium. I clutched at my stomach, by the feel of it the former body of my attempted mugger and murderer hadnt eatten in days.

I soon reached my apartment. I frantically searched my refridgerator for anything edible. As soon as I was no longer wincing from hunger pangs I raced into a hot shower. When I got out of the shower, I jumped at the sight of my new reflection. This new look was definatly going to take some getting used to.

After I shaved, and began to feel as much as my old, dead, deceased self as possible, I began to think about what had happened, I vowed to find out the reason this phenomenon occured.

Suddenly my new body began to shake, and then convulse; with increasing horror, I remembered that this body had been pumped with drugs.

It is detox time.

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