“C’mon honey,we are going to miss the party.”
She took the child lightly by the hand and guided her to the door. “Look,kid,you gotta go we are gonna be so late if you don’t hurry up,kid,so hurry.” ’’No,they are still taking pictures of me look.” “No,let’s go,now,” said the harsh house keeper.
“Let’s get on the elevator,Lillian what floor is the party on,honey?” “Tenth,” said the child,Lillian said choking back tears,”The party is on the tenth floor,”Lilliam said trying to sound as cheerful as she was before. Crushed in the elevator they got in,”Story ten?” The man said. “Yes,They all said. A big clap of thunder and lightning came on the elevator ,bringing the whole elevator come crashing down ten stories,at seventy miles per hour,and then everything went black.

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