An Odd Dream

“John, I had an odd dream the other night.”

“Is this about the wombat?” he replied.

“Nope, this is about a chicken. I was asleep when I heard this odd sound, a whoosh followed by a thunk.”

John raises an eyebrow at this. I then continue as it looks like he isn’t going anywhere yet. “So, after another whoosh and thunk, I crack an eyelid and take a look around. I see a chicken high up on the wall of my room and it’s holding a rope that’s tied to my light. The whoosh is the sound it makes when it swings by my head and the thunk is it hitting the wall when it misses me.”

John’s eyebrow is still raised, so I continue. “Now, here’s where it gets weird. The chicken is wearing a black mask, this is a ninja chicken.”

John nods and gets up to grab a drink from the fridge.

“So, I already told you the dream about the wombat?”

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