Space Ride

So there I was, on the surface of the moon. I wanted to shout, “who’s laughing now, Steve?” I wanted to. But I had business to attend to. Most people think that space flying is mostly about steering the rocket and collecting space rocks. I mean of course, I do that too. In fact, that’s most of what I do.

But Space can be a lonely thing sometimes. Sometimes I even wish Steve were up here. But then I think, “what about Martha?” But then I think, who am I kidding—I should just be happy with Steve.

Everyone seemed so happy on the internet when I announced I was leaving for space. Which makes me wonder, is anyone happy on the internet for me to come back? I wonder sometimes. I tell you, Earth can be a lonely thing too…

Mostly, I’m happy with my choice of job. I get to fly in the vomit tester, spin in the whirlaround, and walk on the underpool. Of course I get free space rides! So you won’t catch me complaining. Still, I’ll be happy to get back to Earth, even if Steve is waiting with a wet willy.

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