She walks down the hallway, being pushed and thrown about from the commotion of the passing bell time in school. Her legs were sore from bruises, her arms being covered in make-up so that nobody could see. While she’s about to go up the stairs, another girl who’s twice as big and strong as she, is coming towards her. She could have, and should have, ran or hidden, but the girl had already seen her. She’s slammed into the hard brick wall, her books falling to the ground with a snap. The other girl walked away, so she gathered her books and grabbed her jacket from her locker. Slowly she slides it on, though she cringes with pain from the other marks on her. Remembering the previous encounters with the other girl, she ran her hand down her leg. Her little self could not take it, and she crumbleed to her knees, crying the tears she hid for so long.

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