1) Who needs a favorite color? They’re all beautiful; plus, if you leave one out, then wont one feel lonley?

2) I don’t realy watch TV, but my sister watches gossip girl and america’s next top model, and those are fantastically addicting

3) Michael Phelps (8-time olympic medalist)

4) Marilyn Monroe

5) Shannah, Raul, Mini D

6) Nobody knows that I love to write except for my best friend and family! can you believe that?

7) I want to permanently stop complaining!!!! Ive been working on it for about half a year now.

8) I dont IM anymore

9) I’ve only ever had five crushes! (I like the same guy now as I did in the sixth grade)

10) “but I thought this was the girls locker room!” (well it obviously wasnt, there was about five guys staring at me with their towels wrapped around their waists)

11) eighth

12) neither


14) I love fruit

15) Chocolate AND vanilla

16) I love people in return for loving me, and sometimes they do the same for me.

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