A very fun but insane answer to a quiz by Insert Pen Name Here's very insane mind (hopefully this really long title will catch your attention: click on me because I am super-dee-duperly cool and you know it, I mean, who wouldn't want to know what my opini

1. tan, with a wierd, wavy pattern
2. upstairs in the computer room
3. brown
4. the screen: AIM today popped up every time I used AIM and one day, one of the slides was like… an aspiring author? maybe this site will help you
5. I have a mirror in my room, its crudely designed by my friend while she was in the second grade, or something. when she passed away two years ago in a car crash, it became the most valuable thing in the world to me
6. LAVA LAMPS SUCK ! they take, like, 17 hours to warm up, and then they keep you awake at night, and the seal on the top say “do not drink” and that doesnt help- I mean no one would even think to drink it unless they put that stupid warning there, and now I always want to drink the lava lamp stuff whenever I see one
7. not ABSOLUTELY LOVE , but it is a great place to put down your ideas and get feedback
8. lackadaisical
9. Mood Rings, by Relient K… i used to like it before i listened to it 43,673 times

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