Heres some quiz answers for you, about me, by me...{what are your answers quiz}

1.Blue and black. Cant decide between the two.
2.Battlestar Galactica. Good stuff right there.
4.Jessica Simpson
5.Eyebrows, Running Man, Lexington. Why? I really dont know.
6.I dont believe in God even though my familys really christian.
7.Nothing really.
8.Hard to say. Some days Im on aim for a wile and other days not at all.
9. I had one way back in 8th grade.
10.”Everythings Fine.” And everything wasnt.
11. Im a junior in highschool.
12.None of the above.
13. 55 counting this one.
14.Neither. They suck.
15.Swirl. Both at the same time.
16.Beig loved. That doesnt happen to much though.

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