Weights In My Heart.

“Snakes and spiders.”

“What does that have to do with my job in New York?” Poesy sits on the bed and puts her left leg into her pants.

Ty rolls to his side and props his chin up. “You try to make yourself dream of something in particular right before going to bed? It’s the one dream that never happens.”

She puts her other leg in and stands to shimmy up the zipper and button. “What does that have to do with scorpions and spiders?”

“Snakes and spiders.” He rolls over again onto his back and takes her all in. “For the last few years, most nights out of the week the last thing I would think about before bed was snakes and spiders. This guaranteed no nightmares, until you came along. Now all I can think about is you.”

“Ty, I’ve heard this story before from one of my patients.” She pulls her blouse over her head on her way to the door and her eyes flash with a knowing glare. “And what you are telling me, is that I am now your worst nightmare?”

“No, Poesy. What I am telling you is that now, I never dream.”

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