The Black Iris (part 9)

James face fell as his father spoke again.

“It was deemed by the mayor that such a crime couldn’t be left unsolved, so this young woman was tried and sentenced to be torn asunder.” His father stated.

“It sounds like the verdict was reached before she even went to trial!” James said growing angry “The mayor knew a crime like this would affect his image, so he had her killed to pacify the towns people! Am I right father?” James yelled.

“It would seem.” His father answered ashamed.

“And you went along with him, because knowing the mayor is good for business.” James said turning away in disgust. His father remained silent. “What did you do to her?” James asked.

“I gave her a powerful sedative, than removed her limbs.” His father answered softly.

“Why you? You’re a doctor, not an executioner.” James asked.

“Because I am a doctor, and not an executioner James! I volunteered, so I could leave her alive!” Jeremiah shouted.

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