Belated Quiz Responses For The Hell of It

Is there just one normal, average everyday thing some people do that you just think is a mortal sin?
Using netspeak in actual conversation.

Describe your perfect bathtub.
It would have speakers and play books on tape for me. Also, it would have lasers.

What’s something you like to unexpectedly see in the middle of a movie that is absolutely pointless to the plot, but makes you grin anyways?
Dogs barking at aliens, evil robots, time travelers, and other sorts of out-of-the-ordinary things that humans don’t notice.

Name something weird that you did in high school.
Ran around the mall with two friends dressed up as characters from Matrix fanfiction.

Describe your last dream.
All my dreams are nightmares.

Name three albums you’ve been listening to lately.
Albums? Nothing so predictable, since I use an iPod shuffle… uh… songs, then, I guess…
Ride on Shooting Star by The Pillows
Revolution by The Beatles
I Know You Know by The Friendly Indians

Thank you.
No, thank you.

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