More Belated Quiz Answers Just Cuz

What color/pattern is the nearest tissue box to you right now?
If I knew I would be blowing my nose instead of answering quizzes.

From where are you typing this?
On-campus apartment.

Is your hair in a minority (blond, red) or majority (brown, black)? Or is it dyed?

How did you find this site?
A link from Ben Paddon’s Jump Leads.

Have you ever owned something really valuable?
Thirty-two shares of Apple stock.

What is your opinion on lava lamps?
They’re the cognitive equivalent of hallucinogens or the ocean. Good source of non-information-containing entropy, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Do you ABSOLUTELY LOVE this site?
Love is a strong word. I’ll go with the milder am addicted to.

What is your current favorite word?
Dongle. Hee hee.

Turn on your iPod, select shuffle, and write down the first song that comes up, no matter what it is!
Battery is borked. iTunes instead:
Teen Titans Theme (English TV-size) by Puffy Ami Yumi

Sank oo!
No problem.

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