The Black Iris (part 10)

“Well I’m glad to see you’re not totally heartless.” James said coldly. His father didn’t respond. “However, you’ve still committed an act of violence on a girl that never got to voice her side of the story. You owe her this second chance Father, and you’re the only surgeon skilled enough to help.” James said approaching.

“I’ve always respected you. Please don’t give me reason not to now.” He said solemnly.

His father thought for a moment, then said “Bring the girl into the examining room. She’s in a coma, but her damage isn’t irreparable.”

“What on earth can be done for a girl that’s lost her limbs?” James asked as he followed his father into the next room.

“Who said they were lost?” His father answered taking the girl from James arms. “You had better figure out how she returned from the dead, because in a few hours, you will need a good explanation.” With that Jeremiah Thorn closed the door to his examining room.

James sat down in the study. “What have I started?” he said to himself.

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