uselessness's SELFISH ALLEGORIES Challenge!

I’ve reached another personal milestone: 150 ficlets! Thanks to everyone for your ratings and words of encouragement; it’s you who keeps me writing. And so in honor of the occasion, it’s time for another challenge!

My previous two challenges involved shocking dialogues and desperate monologues. Today I’m looking for selfish allegories.

Your task is to write a story that seems to be about anything, anything at all. The catch is that it’s actually about one thing in particular: greed.

That’s right, I’m looking for parables. Morality tales. Fables. Elaborate metaphors. Whatever you want to call them, they need to make a point WITHOUT actually saying it outright. The allegory is one of the most powerful literary devices at a writer’s disposal, and this challenge will help us all exercise our storytelling-with-a-purpose skills.

Your message may be anything related to greed. Good, bad, whatever. Be creative. :-)

Spelling and grammar will be judged! The deadline for entries is February 29. Ready…go!

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