The Candle Dies

A doorway opened in the distance, startling the young man.

“Go!” the Elder snapped. “What are you waiting for?”

Unnerved by the old man’s anger the youngster stood. A figure, now in the light, beckoned him forward.

Treading on unfamiliar ground he began the long slow hike up steps he’d never before seen. Even when all the candles glowed and the room was as bright as a sun.

He looked behind, once. And the almost pitch blackness set a deep terror in his heart and speeded him on, drove him towards the bright illumination of the door and the shadowy figure ahead.

Who knew what future, what death lay waiting for him there. But surely it would be better than the pall of horror hanging over the Elder.

The Elder watched the youngster leave. He’d been trained well, and would serve even better, once the temerity of youth had been beaten from him.

The Elder looked beneath his hands, the loss of his life fluids spreading from his death wound.

Then, with one final creak, the lonely robot died.

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