“WHAT?! NO!!!!” i ran into my room and slammed the door. i can’t believe we’re moving… this is so unfair.
“honey?... can we talk about this?” i heard my mom’s too-sweet voice say.
“no. leave me alone!” i flopped onto my bed and punched the pillow. how can they do this to me? i have friends here!! i like my school HERE ! i don’t want to move to some random city in the middle of nowhere, just because my dad has a job ‘promotion’ or whatever. ughh… i HATE this!

i felt a tapping on my shoulder. “giselle?” i faintly heard my dad say. i took out my earbuds and paused my iPod.
“look, i know you didn’t want to move… i feel really bad that you had to leave all your friends and move almost all the way across the country, but… this is for the good of the family, okay? we’ll have more money… a bigger house… and you’ll make new friends. i know you will.”
“yeah… whatever.” i turned the heavy metal up to full volume and stared out the window, fuming at my parents.

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