Snow Day Boredom

“I am so bored” sighed Ella.

“Me too” agreed Maya.

“Who knew snow day could be so boring.” stated Ella.

“Yeah, I wish our parents weren’t so overprotective.” Maya said as she flopped onto the couch.

“Me too, you’d think they would trust a 15 and a 16 year old alone, but for some reason they don’t. What could we possibly do, you can only watch T.V. for so long before it gets boring.” Ella exclaimed.

“I have an idea.” Maya’s frown turned into a devious grin.

“What idea would this be?” Ella questioned.

“Have you ever wondered what is in the ‘off limits’ attic?” Maya asked.

Ella’s face plainly showed her answer to Maya’s suggestion.

They had 3 hours until their parents would be home. That was plenty of time to just do a little bit of searching. Neither one said this, but both of them were scared. They were scared to find out what was up there. What it was that their parents didn’t want them to see. They were also scared of something going wrong and getting caught.

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