Upon the Window P.2

She stirred the milk and turned away from the rapidly-fogging window to pull the cocoa powder from the nearest cabinet. She stepped onto a short stool, always in the kitchen to help her reach. A sudden, booming knock on the front door sent the tin crashing to the floor. Evelyn laughed quietly to herself, “Scared by a visitor, huh?” She asked, climbing down and collecting the tin and it’s cap, “Coming!” She called. She hurriedly swept the spilled powder aside with her foot and rushed through the doorway and across the living room, pausing only to check her reflection in the mirror.

She stood on her toes to look through the peep hole, and found herself staring directly into the luminous green eyes of her friend, Penelope. She unlocked both locks on the sturdy wooden door and threw it open, “Pen? What are you doing here?” She asked with a smile.

“Well, I was coming to see you, of course! Joe told me you were staying out here all alone. I thought you could use the company.” She stepped in.

“Some cocoa, Pen?”

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