A Peaceful End

What would someone need with a pearl when we were perhaps days away from the end of the world.
Pat’s neck was a little red, where the thief had pulled the pearl necklace off, while she was in our bathroom gathering supplies for our escape into the hills, to sit and await the end.
“Are you sure you’re ok?”, I asked.

“Yes Hon, let’s just get out of here. Maybe I will just take one sleeping pill and lay down in the RV,” she said.
I kissed my wife,took some bags out to the RV. Surprised it was still there. Pearls I thought. The theif would have done himself better to take our transportation than the jewels.

I figured we had just enough gas in the RV to get us up to the old cabin in Lake Katchakuman. If I took the back roads.
The sky was still a light purple. Oddly the prettiest I’d ever seen the sky look. The saying darkest before dawn came to my mind. The opposite was true now. The sky was brighter than I’d ever known it to be.
At the cabin two hours later, we felt at peace looking up as the sky darkened.

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